Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 75.5 Caroling in a Hong Kong Mall 12/11/2017

Ha this week

It was good!! we got to know a lot more members. We also sang and that was fun haha we went caroling in the middle of a mall, pretty exciting because I have never done that in Hong Kong before.

Did Some housing stuff like a lot of housing stuff Elder Lee also came back from his mission so that was exciting we got another RM in our ward now!!! yay!!

Sunday night we visited a part-member family and it was good, we celebrated the mom's birthday.

Last monday we also hiked satan mountain with a investigator, the view is very pretty. we were safe so no worries.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Week 73.5 Thanksgiving in Hong Kong on 11/27/2017

I am getting the monthly letter from the bishopbric
thanksgiving is with our zone. thats about it. then we do missionary work.
Well the sisters I came out with are going home soon. so thats kind of weird.

So this week has been crazy. 
Preparing for transfers and all. fyi I am staying. nothing is changing in my companionship, but elder harding is leaving :( finished that man has. 
we ate turkey... probably the highlight of my companion's week. 
We also taught Rainbow, she wants to get baptized on Christmas Eve! so that should be special
That is about all for this week! till next time ya'll

Week 72.5 Quiet Week on 11/22/2017

[Dad's note: Elder Chou didn't write much, but had a good week and send us some pictures]

God [is] both treating [us] well.

The Spirit of service is great!

[My] Favorite hymn [is] 292 oh my father, or 200ish the first noel

Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 71.5 Square was Baptized 11/15/2017

This week has been good!!

We did some office stuff, and in the middle of that we saw Mickey! Its pretty cool haha he is in a lot of our flyers. 

Elder Chou got a big blister so that was bad. 

Square got baptized!!!! he was being taught by the Cheung Sha Wan Elders. We bumped into him on the MTR a couple of weeks ago. It was good. He was the closest to me seeing being found to baptized. So it was good. Till next week!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Week 70.5 Seek the Spirit & Set Office Hours 11/8/2017

This week was good. Well we had mission conference and that was very well done and the spirit was there. I learned that I have insistantly desire over time. The over time is the thing I struggle with.

The one thing I guess you do not know about from this week is that we whats-apped the people in the ward and we asked how we could help them and what we could fast for them for. It was actually super good and very well received.  I feel like I have been able to feel the spirit more this week. I think it is because I have been honestly seek it and have been diligently studying the scriptures. I feel like I was more ready to receive it this time. Last time we had mission tour I listened but did not hear fully. I did not believe the things that Elder Wong said, but this time, after I was a little bit more mature, I listened and seeked for inspiration. After that we were able to teach a very powerful lesson on Sunday where she was committed to baptism (we invited here to set her own date but suggested that Christmas is a good goal).

We have also set office hours and I hope that it helps at least me to do things more efficiently and to drop things that are not important. I also hope these things will also help us be able to put more effort into our area. This time around I am full of hope for the things that can be accomplished and have faith that God will help us as long as we do our part

God loves us all and we all have different responsibilities in his kingdom. Hope you are all good!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Week 69.5 New Territories & Moon Cake Factory 11/1/2017

This week was good!!! We made some cookies, had district meeting, with 6 more companionship in our zone!!! (that's much more fun). 

Then we had the ward trip. We went to the NT's!!! One of my favorite areas haha :) We went to a moon cake factory, a bridge museum, and a few like old monasteries. It was super fun!! pictures included.

Also we replaced a washer, and dealt with apartment problems... that was fun I guess.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Week 68.5 New Arrivals & A Wedding 10/25/2017

Ugh I don't even want to think about this week. It was Transfers!!!!
Yay :( it was super busy with 29 missionaries arriving. Tuesday we went to the airport, it was kinda fun, 

Wednesday we helped out with the missionaries and Thursday was transfers. There was like 100 missionaries there. So many missionaries. We helped the Sha Tin apartment move in and that was about it for transfers. 

Afterward we visited the Hoon's the RC/PMF so that was good! we had lots of members there. 

On Friday we delivered a lot of cookies!!!!!!!! it was pretty fun. That is about it this week! :)

Davis also got married. He is in our ward.