Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 85.5 Nathan's Baptism 2/18/2018

This week was good! nathan was baptized and it went pretty smoothly. We were able to meet with A Shan, Nathan's sister, and that lesson went really well. We talked about the restoration and we all cried at some point. We were able to understand her needs a little bit more. 

a lot of people invited us over for dinner this week. It went well and we were able to get to know the members more. 

We were also able to visit my family. My aunt was very focused when we shared our message so that was good! 

we also had a roasted pig for dinner at the Lam's house, and hiked dragons back with our ward. It was quite adventurouse :) I'll just explain all the pictures

mos burgers - Japanese burger place (JCW's is better)
Turtles on a log when finding in kowloon park
KFC with Elder Adams
Elder Condie and I on the MTR
Zone conference and Elder Tsang who is now brother Tsang being held by us
My family
Hike - dragon back
Nathan's baptism

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 84.5 Mission Leader Conference 2/13/2018

Well this week has been good! First off, Nathan told us that he had a client yesterday so he was not able to make it to the baptism. so we talked and changed it to next week. It was kind of sad, and we tried to convince him to try to change it, but in the end it didn't work so we changed it to next week. I think that is really it for the people we are working with this week.

We also had MLC this week and we decided to double out baptismal goal to 400, we have gotten 190ish this year. so I am very excited even though I won't be here to see it, I can prepare the way of those who will come after me. Till next week!

Monday, February 5, 2018

week 83.5 Teaching & Preparing Nathan 2/5/2018

This week has been fun... to say the least. I went on exchanges and went to the temple!!! I love the temple actually. Really fun! 

We taught Nathan about Temples and Family history and church auxiliaries and it was good! He is preparing to be baptized on the 11th. We are going to keep praying for him. We also hope that his sister starts having more interest. She just comes to church with him now but we can hopefully get her to pick up a little more.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Week 82.5 Give it all because you love God 1/30/2018

So this week was fun! we did a lot of things... pretty normal actually. We met with Nathan and A-Shan and we taught Nathan [about] Tithing and he was super accepting. We are trying to be the missionaries that we are suppose to be... I guess so that we can be worthy to receive the blessings that God wants to give us. 

Elder Adams and I are doing well. We work together well which is good.

I guess this week I came to know Jesus Christ and God more by  kind of posing the question "what if you did not receive all the blessings that you wanted and your life was just hard. would you still be faithful?" I had to say yes because I obviously hope that I get the blessings I look forward to and want, but if I don't I still know the church is true, I still know that he sent his son, and the eternities are worth suffering for in this life. 

The way that this experience came to be was that we were eating with a family. Pretty average family. They have had some trials in their lives, yet they are happy, but my heart just mourned because I knew that they just deserved so much more. I knew that their faith may not have been rewarded in the way I thought it would, but they still did it because they knew it was true. That was a powerful moment to me because I know that I take things for granted. I have a great family, a pretty comfortable, but still hard mission, and all these things. I just asked my self "are you willing to give it all because you love God, and not because of the blessings?" It just really helped me understand what This is all about... helped me see the bigger picture. I thank God for that moment.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 81.5 Zone Conference & Working Hard 1/22/2018

Haha this week was pretty fun! lots of things happened kind of. 
We had zone conference and that was pretty fun to see some other zones. 
We then met with people, and worked our hardest!! It was good! saw some results which was good! 

We are going to have to change Nathan's date, but not because he has any problems, but because there is something going on that day for our ward... so yea. It will e ok though.
Signing out broskies! Love you all!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week 80.5 Move to TKO New Apartment 1/15/2018

Well... This week.
It has been good! We first went to a taiwanese restaurant and I ate some oajien!!!! from Taiwan. Love that stuff. 

Then on Tuesday we went and moved the TKO new apartment. It is a lot nicer than the old one but a little less convenient. I moved a bunch of stuff into that apartment haha. 

Then I trained Elder Beeson the closest thing I have to a son. Elder Harding finished training him and then I came in and was his companion and now he is taking my spot!!! super good. Going to miss it though. 

I moved in and a lot of people remember me and our electricity broke yesterday haha so we went down to management. It is fixed now so you need not wory haha. other than that it was good!!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Week 79.5 Transfer call, moving to TKO to be ZL1/8/2018

Transfer call, moving to TKO (Tsueng Kwan O) to be ZL (Zone Leader)
TKO back to area where Elder Chou's aunt & cousins live!

Last week here boys :) Transfer calls were yesterday and I am going to TSEUNG KWAN O AGAIN!!!!!! Boom get ready for the thunder ;) haha JK it should be good!! I am excited to see everyone again. See how that ward has progressed too.  Lots of things to do this week for the new Transfer haha!! yay but my last one to deal with!

MLC was also this week so I tailored Elder Garcia's pants haha that is why there are pants in the pictures.

We also went to food angel then got lunch at Sham Shui Po and hence the curry

Leung-Ho also got his mission call to CANADA!!!! so that should be sweet

Till next time ;)

Insights (yes it has been a while)
we give the LORD our best but it can only every be compared to what Joseph and Mary was able to provide. God accepts the "mangers" in our lives because he knows we are trying

It is easier for us to care about those you understand, the struggle is with those you do not.

What you give is worth more than what you can achieve

Do not tell someone what to do. teach them what they need to know. Then people will be more receptive because you are not trying to take away their agency.