Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week 80.5 Move to TKO New Apartment 1/15/2018

Well... This week.
It has been good! We first went to a taiwanese restaurant and I ate some oajien!!!! from Taiwan. Love that stuff. 

Then on Tuesday we went and moved the TKO new apartment. It is a lot nicer than the old one but a little less convenient. I moved a bunch of stuff into that apartment haha. 

Then I trained Elder Beeson the closest thing I have to a son. Elder Harding finished training him and then I came in and was his companion and now he is taking my spot!!! super good. Going to miss it though. 

I moved in and a lot of people remember me and our electricity broke yesterday haha so we went down to management. It is fixed now so you need not wory haha. other than that it was good!!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Week 79.5 Transfer call, moving to TKO to be ZL1/8/2018

Transfer call, moving to TKO (Tsueng Kwan O) to be ZL (Zone Leader)
TKO back to area where Elder Chou's aunt & cousins live!

Last week here boys :) Transfer calls were yesterday and I am going to TSEUNG KWAN O AGAIN!!!!!! Boom get ready for the thunder ;) haha JK it should be good!! I am excited to see everyone again. See how that ward has progressed too.  Lots of things to do this week for the new Transfer haha!! yay but my last one to deal with!

MLC was also this week so I tailored Elder Garcia's pants haha that is why there are pants in the pictures.

We also went to food angel then got lunch at Sham Shui Po and hence the curry

Leung-Ho also got his mission call to CANADA!!!! so that should be sweet

Till next time ;)

Insights (yes it has been a while)
we give the LORD our best but it can only every be compared to what Joseph and Mary was able to provide. God accepts the "mangers" in our lives because he knows we are trying

It is easier for us to care about those you understand, the struggle is with those you do not.

What you give is worth more than what you can achieve

Do not tell someone what to do. teach them what they need to know. Then people will be more receptive because you are not trying to take away their agency.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

week 78.5 Christmas shopping 1/2/2018

Hi everyone This week has been pretty good!
Nothing too exiting, probably spent more money than I should have for Christmas ;) and nothing too special, getting ready for transfers and sent a dryer somewhere 
thats about it.

The Gospel is True!!!!

Monday, December 25, 2017

week 77.5 Christmas call 12/25/2017

Elder Chou got to make a family call for Christmas
so great to see and speak with him!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Week 76.5 Zone Conference & Pixar Exhibit 12/19/2017

Man This week was super good!
We helped with zone conference and specifically we had like a silent section where people just were blindfolded and were told to pay attention to their feelings. It was super good. I learned that a lot of things but one thing I learned was that 

Mary and Joseph tried the best they could to offer him what he deserved but they could only come up with a stable, so I learned even though we try our hardest, we can only ever offer him something like a stable. What we are able to give, isn't that great, but he accepts it and accepts our sacrifice.

That is really the only thing I can put into words. The things I felt this week are so much harder to describe. As this Christmas approaches may we remember all that God has blessed us with and all that he wants us to understand and remember. May we do all we can to please him even if it is only a "stable"

Also we went to the pixar exhibit in Sha Tin. It was pretty sick.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 75.5 Caroling in a Hong Kong Mall 12/11/2017

Ha this week

It was good!! we got to know a lot more members. We also sang and that was fun haha we went caroling in the middle of a mall, pretty exciting because I have never done that in Hong Kong before.

Did Some housing stuff like a lot of housing stuff Elder Lee also came back from his mission so that was exciting we got another RM in our ward now!!! yay!!

Sunday night we visited a part-member family and it was good, we celebrated the mom's birthday.

Last monday we also hiked satan mountain with a investigator, the view is very pretty. we were safe so no worries.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Week 73.5 Thanksgiving in Hong Kong on 11/27/2017

I am getting the monthly letter from the bishopbric
thanksgiving is with our zone. thats about it. then we do missionary work.
Well the sisters I came out with are going home soon. so thats kind of weird.

So this week has been crazy. 
Preparing for transfers and all. fyi I am staying. nothing is changing in my companionship, but elder harding is leaving :( finished that man has. 
we ate turkey... probably the highlight of my companion's week. 
We also taught Rainbow, she wants to get baptized on Christmas Eve! so that should be special
That is about all for this week! till next time ya'll