Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Week 97.5 Mother's Day & Pray/Listen/Write/Act 5/14/2018

There has been a lot of finding this week. We are trying our best, I think it is interesting that when you are working your hardest, you have the most amount of miracles but also I feel like I experience the most amount of discouragement and just feeling lost I guess. It is interesting, the harder we are working how Satan will try to match that to make us fall.

We have a new potential, Jacob, who has potential to become a new investigator. I guess the hardest part for us right now is to try to turn potential investigators into actual investigators. Other than that everything is great! the ward is really supportive

I also feel like I am growing a lot more. I did something that our leaders have said and that is to pray, listen, write down, and act on those promptings. I heard that from somewhere and it is really working! Its interesting how much I can still learn haha, I know I'm only 20. I think it is really cool that I am able to receive inspiration for how I can do better, or what to do in this specific situation and all that. So that is great! I will try to keep it up. You should all do it too!! I know it will bless your life.

Till next week!!

Got to call home for Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Week 96.5 Finding & Listening More 5/6/2018

This week has been pretty good. I think Elder Johnson is really helping us have more faith when finding. I feel like this week was very good, even if we didn't really meet with a lot of investigators. 
Ken hasn't been answering our phone so we don't know but hopefully he will answer one day. We had Hudson and A-Ting that became new investigators this week. I would give them like 60-70% potential. Hudson was the one from English Class that I talked about last week. A-Ting has a brother in Tuen Mun ward and she is pretty good. I think that she has heard about church stuff for so long that I think she has kind of lost what is most basic, so we are going to try to help her understand what is the most important things to focus on which is the core principles and doctrines of the Gospel. We found a lot more this week, and found a lot more people this week. We are hoping to have a lot more new investigators this coming week. Things are working which is great! Even with MLC we were able to find a lot it feels like.
I guess I was pondering my mission, and as I have listened after my prayers especially at night, I have been able to get answers when I listen more which I was just so surprised by, only because it never really happened before. I learned that we should be happy for "the good that has been accomplished." I feel like I have been receiving a lot of "inspiration" recently, and some I would even call revelation. I am really happy that God has been able to help me realize and receive those things.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 95.5 A-Shan's Baptism 4/29/2018

This week was pretty good! A Shan was baptized and her brother was able to come to church (he hasn't been for a while because of work :( ). 

for exchanges exercise one day we ran to a waterfall. Elder Johnson is super solid :) I like him a lot. Elder Adams and I are doing well as well. With A-shan getting baptized, we will need some new investigators, so if you have friends in hong kong, you should send them our way (also our mission is going to get whatsapp soon so that will be really exciting). 

We also had Hudson and Judy randomly showed up to english class. a random person in a restaurant gave them a flyer who they say is their friend, but don't know what their name is... so I don't know, but Elder Adams and I have attributed it to the 3 nephites. Hopefully it is, because that would be kinda cool.

Thats about it for this week, good luck you all!!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 94.5 Pres. Nelson's Visit 4/23/2018

Hi everyone this week has been pretty good. Sorry I don't have that much time. 

2 things we were able to go to the temple which was great! got revelation that I needed. 
Also went to President Nelson and that was great! That's about it. 

Have lots of things that I would love to share but no time :( but also little things that one may think is not important but they are very important to me because it is the time I have with God. So if I could say anything today it would be receive your own revelation like President Nelson said. It will bless you more and more as you look for it. and you can receive revelation daily.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

week 93.5 Zone Conference & Teaching A-shan 4/17/2018

In an effort to write more detailed emails, the following resulted ;)

We had zone conference this week which was great! The thing that had the most impact on me was Elder Bednar about teaching with the spirit and how I should really just get out of the way. I am excited for smartphones. I think it will do a lot of good things for the mission, but we just have to learn how to really use it.

Its getting toasty out here only like 25 cel (no idea what the translation is for that). but also like 3 bajillion percent humitity. Gotta love it

A shan is doing well. She is progressing well which is good. Our ward mission leader also scheduled 2 lessons for us which was good. They are 2 former investigators, but the way he scheduled was kind of weird. I don't think that the two of them knew we were coming, but one of them has good potential. Gotta love Bro. Leung :) such a great guy :)

We helped Andrew with English because he has a test this week, so I hope he does well! Ramond is also fun, there is a video somewhere of Elder Devries and I (exchanges) talking about missionary stuff.

We also taught Nathan but he still has to work :( hopefully he can come to A-shan's baptism

Lastly we watched priesthood session in chinese, but a member had the english that we could read which was good. My favorite quote was "the priesthood is more important than any of its offices."  Thats all for this week. God loves us, and He love all of us.

Pictures!! I know I am not the best

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 92.5 General Conference 4/9/2018

I know that I made a goal to take more pictures... but it didnt happen. any suggestions on how to be better?

We had conference and it was great!! It was great to sustain a new prophet. I really liked how he talked about how to receive revelation. I feel like even though I have been on a mission, I am still not good at that. So I will keep working on it.

A-shan is working  towards baptism still and attended all 4 sessions of conference. I was very happy that she did.

Thats about it for this week.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Week 91.1 Disneyland, Easter, and teaching A-Shan 4/1/2018

Well we went to disneyland this week so that was really fun! We stayed until like 4:30 it was really great!! lots of fun stuff. The one thing we did multiple time was the iron man thing. It is basically like star tours but with iron man.

Funny thing about china, they get easter holiday, its like a 4 day holiday. I wonder why we don't have that in America (we are more christian). Really wierd to think about but thats really funny.

Also another exciting thing, A-Shan has a baptismal date for the 29th of april. Super exciting!! (She is the sister of Nathan our recent convert). We were also able to meet with Collin and he was to change its just hard, so we don't spend that much time on him but hopefully he will progress.

Last thing. Transfer Calls :) I am staying with elder adams but Elder Condie is leaving :( os that is sad. Thats about it for this week!