Friday, June 29, 2018

Week 104.5 Return with Honor - Elder Chou returns from his 2 year mission 6/29/2018

Return with Honor

Mission Accomplished
Elder Chou completes his 2 year mission (6/2016-6/2018).

Departing missionaries at Hong Kong airport & return missionary at Salt Lake airport with family

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Week 103.5 Words of Wisdom & Last Interview 6/26/2018

Well this week has been good. We were able to teach some people. Not much really to say, its all the pretty good! been saying goodbye to everyone :( Sad stuff. 
I guess there isn't much to report on this week but I was just thinking what "wisdom" I might be able to share with all of you maybe?? I don't know I'm young, but I will try.

1. We all have plans and expectations for people, but we should remember to love them more than that. If they fail we should love them, if they rebel we should love them.

2. I also now understand that the easiest way to live life is living God's commandments to our best ability and never looking back. Since we now know its right, if we deviate from it, we will feel guilt and then that action will no longer help us be happy

3. repentance is changing ourselves into what God wants us to be. It is not necessarily about the actions, or what we do, but about our intent and what we want to do.

4. because I have covenanted, anything that God asks me to do through the prophet, mission president, zone leader, district leader, senior companion or whoever have been asked to minister to me I need to do because God has asked them to help me. Obviously within reason, but especially the things I don't think I need to do.

5. Faith is action and how miracles happen. That means belief+action= miracle not belief = miracle.  we will all wonder if the promises that God gives to us is true. I know that they are, but you may not so you have to put forth some action, then you will get an answer.

I was talking with my mission president today for my last interview and he was like "well elder chou what have you learned"
I have learned that a lot of churches believe that God loves us, and that Jesus Christ is the center of many many churches, but we believe in one more thing. Since God still loves us, he has given us another prophet Joseph Smith to help us again. He literally did see God and Jesus Christ. So many will say "but did it happen?" we can consult religious professors, missionaries, and a number of many other people. I can throw scriptures around and so can the opposing side, but it is only through God that you will know the answer. If we only rely on the knowledge of men then we will always wonder, always question if our answer we came up with is right, whether we think it is right or wrong, but the answers from God are undeniable, simple and powerful. I know that to be true. I thank God for trusting me enough as an 18 year old boy to come do something much more grand than I myself could ever do. See you all soon! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Week 102.5 Zone Meeting & Zone Conference 6/17/2018

Well this week has been pretty good. We had a lot of things just pop up, and a lot of investigators and potentials that are testing or traveling because they are done testing, but we have been able to keep in contact with them through whatsapp which is so nice!!!

So on Tuesday we had our zone meeting to give everyone their sim cards and we just had what I would say a zone "council." We talked about a lot of things and, for me at least, it was really faith building. We also used the whatsapp group for zone find because "success breeds success," and everyone could see everyone else succeeding in Kwun Tong. It really motivated me haha.

I was also thinking a lot about how President Lam has said that we should "treat others as they can be and not as we see them as." This week I wrote down the vision I have for other people as well as myself, and it has really help maybe my relationship with them, or really their progression.

zone conference was great! we got Area book planner which was super nice to have.

Finally we found 2 new investigators (thats good for hong kong)! Renee and Kary are 2 friends found at the zone find last week, and they are finished testing now so they said they would come to church and they did! They are form 3 going into 4 and they also may have another friend that might also meet with us. It was super good because at stake conference we originally thought that they were 20 so we were like ok, and we got a few older people to help us, but they weren't so then at stake conference we realized that the YW leader had a daughter that was their age, so we taught a lesson afterwards and it was like perfect. The whole member family came to help with the lesson too which was funny. I feel like they really connected. It was great! A really big miracle how well everything actually worked out. It just shows me how God really is in the details especially in our work.

yea I only have videos of myself this week. pictures of elder adams though, my camera was "borrowed" for a little bit.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week 101.5 Teach Austin & MLC 6/12/2018

So this week has been pretty good we were able to teach Austin and that went well. He is took the IELTS so hopefully it went well. We also had missionary leadership council which was good. We talked a lot about obedience. That's really about it for this week. 

I also went on exchanges to Po Lam with Elder Devries. The man is a legend!! love the guy. We also got our sim cards at MLC!!! but its kinda 唔關我事 because I don't have a smart phone... so yea!!! We also got a lot of rain this week... so it was cooler! Also bought some Pizza and thats expensive here... but you know its all good, glad the boys enjoyed it.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Week 100.5 Whatsapp 6/4/2018

Well this week was good!!! we were able to do a lot of whatsapp stuff!! trying to use it to its full extent and its been great so far!! A -Hei was able to come to church this week!! That was great!! We went finding... a lot, but I am definitely going to miss finding. You meet the coolest people. as my trainer said they disappointments outnumber the great moments but the great moments will always outweigh the disappointments. I love it. You should all do it!!! it will change your life. The church is true. 耶穌基督係我哋嘅救主同咪我哋大家可以同佢一齊返到去。

My pride is my Pain, 
My prayer is my peace, my humility is my hope, my savior is my salvation.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Week 99.5 Tsz Shan Temple 5/29/2018

Crazy that its the 99th week of my mission... um... I don't know how I feel about that. 

Anyway we went to tsz shan temple on monday. That was pretty cool! It was a giant white buddhist statue. Pictures in the drive. We took a taxi because I'm dying and I can use my money for travel and food... so yea Taxi it was. We were also waiting for the bus for like ever. It was good though. Definitely worth it. The pictures don't do it justice.

This week was good. We were finally able to meet with more people!!! YAY!!! 

The rest of my pictures is from English class this week. How the adventures and joy of children.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week 98.5 Busy Week 5/22/2018

Well this week was pretty interesting. We originally were going to go to lion rock but Nathan got kinda woozy so we came home and yea. We got home on time though which we wouldn't have if we had hiked the whole thing. 

This week we had a phone training on tuesday and that took longer than expected so we had district meeting after that and that was about it for tuesday. 

Wednesday we had English class. (bear with me I am trying to remember what happened this week.) Oh! we also met a girl named Kathryn. She is super cool, last minute she cancelled on us but later is fine!! super excited for her. 

Friday we ate with a family, and saturday we met with ji kiu who was pretty cool and wants to learn more. We met with President Lau as well and he wants us to get A-shan and Nathan back to Po Lam. So that will be a process. Thats about it for today though! till next week. Sorry I literally forgot to take pictures. but I have like 3