Tuesday, May 23, 2017

week 46.5 Convert taught by my mother & Work with less active 5/22/2017

I think daily life right now is organization of records and the ward wants us to visit all the less active members in our ward list so that has been mainly what we have been doing. 

I got some brown shoes from 陳會長 (president Chen) the stake president in 新界 (Hsin Tien) so that was nice. I also went on exchanges with elder Smith and it was pretty fun, because he use to be my zone leader when I was a district leader and I guess just having that exchange again (this time he is my distric leader) helped me see how far I have come in the last months.

Below is a picture of a sister and her son in the ward I am serving in. She was a new convert many years ago, who was taught by my mother when she was a young sister missionary in Hong Kong almost 25 years ago. She currently serves in our ward relief society presidency!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 45.5 Happy Mother's day 5/15/2017

A wonderful mother's day!

Elder Joseph Chou in Hong Kong gets to go on google hangout for a video call with his family in Utah.
Missionaries get to exchange emails/letters with family every week during their 2 year missionary service. And twice a year, on Christmas and Mother's day, they also get to call their family!

Grateful for modern-day technology!

Hey everyone this will be short sorry but that's ok.

first item of business we were able to skype for mothers day!!! super fun and happy mothers day to you all who deal with us kids.

We taught nobody this week but that is ok! just means that we have to find people before summer comes :) finding is always interesting and definitely a growing experience. 

We also were able to have zone conference!! it was super good and we learned about miracles, and being a preach my gospel missionary. I am grateful for that opportunities of serving. We have seen many miracles, felt many miracles, and heard of many miracles. These things may be small and, as true to the faith says, may be defined as a "quiet miracle" but nonetheless they are from God and are miracles from him from on high. The scripture I have been relying on is Moroni 7:37

it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief , and all is vain. 

all I have to do is to do my part to listen to god when I get promptings and have faith enough to act on it.

So life is not necessarily easy but it is good if we trust God in the name of Jesus Christ amen.


-D&C 60:7 holy when our sins are forgiven. Only Through god can we be holy

-There is freedom within structure
     -some random I am a mormon

-Changing is a miracle because sometimes we want to change, we have a goal, but we dont know how to get there. God can answer all questions, including those to help us know what we must do to change

-You can either be bitter or better through God
     -his grace: unplanned pregnancy

-it is not about how I feel or how others feel when doing the work. It is about what god wants that is the most important

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 44.5 Anticipating many new arrivals and departures this summer 5/8/2017

This week has been good! I guess I always say that but I really feel like things are changing in hsk. I feel like it is getting better. I cannot say we did much this week that had success, but I definitely learned a lot. 

we did go less active finding though, but we were not able to find them because they were not home :/ 

MJ (a member) also came back from college to work in the summer. it was fun to see him :) YD did not come to church :( but we were able to talk to him, and tin sau had a baptism and I played for it. It was a good week as long as I say that t o myself :)

Sister Malone finish honorably so that is good :)

We are anticipating the arrivals of 70 missionaries (from what I hear but sis. Lam says its probably wrong) and the departure of more than 60 missionaries in the next 2 transfers (I think) there will be 40 missionaries left from before that (is what elder Mcgrath told me.) but I could be totally wrong from all of that.


D&C 68:6
The Lord will stand by you
2Nephi 32:5
the spirit says what we must do, but not always how we will execute it or what the exact desired outcome will be.
D&C 11:12-14
put your trust in the spirit and it will fill you with joy
D&C 39:5-6
These are the peaceable things of the kingdom

we respect people because they sacrifice for us, because we know they love us. This is the case with our earthly and eternal parents.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week 43.5 Quiet Week 5/2/2017

Quiet Week
not much to report this week.

Elder Chou is working hard in Hung Shui Kiu with Elder Chin.
They had transfer calls this past week, but no changes for them. So they with keep the same companion and continue to labor in Hung Shui Kiu

Note on transfer calls. About every 5-6 weeks, the missionaries get "transfer calls." This call from the mission office is to inform them if they are moving to a new area or changing missionary companions. Although there are some changes throughout the mission, not everyone receives a change necessarily.