Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week 14.5 General Conference (a week later) 10/10/2016

Ok Yes Hong Kong is special and didn't have conference until yesterday sorry haha :)
General conference was great so here I go!
I. we all have emptiness within us
we have the capacity to feel but we have not yet felt infinity. What makes us empty and want to fill it with something?We naturally desire for something to fill us, to love us, to lift us, and to trust us, to feel important in some way.
II. How do we then fill the void?
1. Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!!!!
This is what this whole church is about, is that if we keep his commandments we can be made whole and we can have the ability to be filled with light and happiness!
i. Faith
Faith is so important because it starts it all. It is that because someone loved us and did things for us, we can achieve eternal potential. when we wax "firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ" we can fill that emptiness that there is someone that does love us. Some things are hard to accept but "some things can only be learned by faith" (W. Mark Basset)
ii. Repentance
We often look to the wrong to fill our emptiness thinking that we can become important to satan, but that is a lie. Satan doesn't care about us and sin makes us emptier and drains what light we have out of us. We cannot be saved in our sin. God gave us the gift of repentance to fill us again with the gift of love and peace. Elder 
Renlund said "repentance is not only possible but also joyful." May we be joyful in fulfilling our potential. Change is difficult but if we change into what the lord wants us to be, it will be completely worth it. "And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?" (alma 5:26). I know that if we use repentance like it is suppose to be used that we can be swept from our guilt and we can fill our emptiness with light and knowledge and testimony that Christ is our savior.
iii. Baptism
it shows the full power of the atonement and gives us promises that if we keep we can be happy in Christ. The lord expects perfection. If we strive for it, we will get as close as we can, and he will carry us the rest of the way. (not in this life, but we need to try as hard as we can).
iv. Gift of The holy Ghost
The gift of the Holy Ghost is so important because it can give us peace and comfort and fill us and make us feel special. It can fill us up to the capacity to make it so we no longer seek things of no value to fill our souls. It helps us know what is correct to help us to be happy and that there is a divine being that loves us even if we are not perfect.
v. Enduring to the End
Yes enduring seems kind of not fun but it is more fun that. It is more being faithful to the end. It is enduring trials, and struggles and turning to the lord at all times. Enduring to the end is not to be grudgingly don it is to be cheerfully done! if you do this you can be filled and happy now and be filled to have eternal happiness
III. It will be hard
Nothing worthwhile is easy. The people who make it big quickly also loose it all quickly. "Things that grow slowly lasts longer." having "treasures in heaven (Hel 8:25)" is not easy. It is a process. Elder bender said in General Conference that if we serve him and deny ourselves of ungodliness, gradually his will becomes our will. like it says in Heleman 10:5 are we seeking his will? Elder Eyering said the work "matters because we are serving others for our master."
IV.We are to have Joy
Most important of all, if you are doing all you can be happy! Elder Nelson said that saints are to have Joy because they are patient with their afflictions. The ultimate gift and proof of our emptiness being filled is joy no matter what happens in our life.

You touch more people then you think. Fruit takes year to grow, but when it blossoms you then see that it was all worth it. God wants us to be happy! he sees the capacity and potential of our souls and bases his love off of that because he has served us for all eternity. The plan of salvation is his ultimate gift and service for us because it required the ultimate sacrifice of someone who didn't deserve to be sacrificed but Christ willingly did so because he loved us. We are all worth loving to him. If we see ourselves through God's Eyes we will be filled. This is The truth and glad tithings of the Gospel. In the name of his beloved son, even Jesus Christ my redeemer, Amen.

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