Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 9.5 First Week in the China Hong Kong Mission 9/5/2016

First Week in the China Hong Kong Mission
New Companion and New Area
well...... I made it!!!!! to the one and only mission in China!!...
There are a lot of changes from my last mission. there are music restrictions :( There are also 4 elders in our apartment. The apartments are a little smaller. I have not died. We go to bed at 11 and its not super sketchy at 8 at night! which is completely different. Planes are absolutely horrible, but I haven't experienced jet lag yet so that's good.
Our ward is super cool, and one of the sisters knows my mom and so I think I am pretty close to where my family live. I hope they will follow my example in being diligent and having faith.
My favorite scripture this week is the last verse of Alma 16 which talks about having victory over Satan and receiving blessings from God.
I studied a lot about pride. Things are harder in Hong Kong then in Modesto because people don't even stop to talk to you on the streets when you say hi. So I know that I have to be humble and patient, and people eventually (maybe not in my mission time) will become humble enough to listen, and I hope I can participate in that process.
I really liked the talk by Elder Renlund from last general conference and it talks about if we are far from God, we feel entitled to blessings (like Laman and Lemuel). Some say that life is not fair. It was the most unfair for our Savior Jesus Christ. He says if life was fair, then we would never receive resurrection and we would never be in the presence of God. So I am grateful for life being merciful and not fair.
My trainer is Elder McGrath, he is from parson, and we both came into a new area so we are still figuring things out. [serving in Kowloon City]

Modesto updates goes as I was called on Sunday to go out to the airport on Monday morning. We got a few investigators the week I left, and I really hope they all come unto God.

Last of All my testimony has grown and I know that through Jesus, my Christ, I can be perfected. I can use his atonement, and I will. I know He lives loves me, and will be patient with me because he has gone through all the trials that I have gone through. I can't read the Church websites online yet and I am working on putting pictures up, but for now be patient with me and the pictures. My purpose is to help others to come unto Christ. I will be held accountable for my efforts. I hope I don't mess this up. I go forward with Faith in my savior, because he is never Changing. In the name of Jesus, my Christ, Amen.

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