Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 62.5 Suki & Christine Hoon's Baptism! 9/10/2017

This week

Mon- We went to dim sam because elder Lau was leaving, Elder Chou [my new companion] moved into the temple

Tues- There was MLC [Mission Leader Conference] and Elder Chou and I officially became companions

Wed- Food Angel Service, Helped with a Baptism [Sarah's parents from mainland], Taught Hoon Family

Thurs- We dropped things off at ssp [Shum Shui Po], and district meeting. Dinner with Luk family

Fri- Nothing too much

Sat- We went to a concert with Christine, Crystal, and Jannet (Hoon family)

Sun- Suki and Christine (Mom and daughter of Hoon family) got baptized! afterwards we went to kowloon bay to record some stuff for some people on the piano

Spiritual Experience: There were two outstanding experiences this week. 
One was the baptismal service from Wednesday and the one from Sunday. Wednesday was special because Sarah's parents came down from China and got baptized. She was super happy that her family could be baptized and be of the same faith. It was really special because it really highlighted what we do as missionaries and it helped me understand more than ever that what I am doing is worth it. 
The second one was Suki and Christine got baptized! I have only taught them like 3 times but it was super good. Suki was really happy that She was able to be baptized and so was Christine. Jannet and Crystal said they will wait a little and find out more [They are Christine's younger sisters that we are also teaching, they also have 2 younger siblings under age 8 named Michael and Hei hei]. afterward we had some food and it was super good because the ward was able to go and talk to them and start a good relationship.

Photo on left: Hoon family with Elder Chou & Elder Chou
Photo on right: sister missionaries, Hoon family, Elder Chou & Elder Chou, Elder Lau & his companion, Pres. & Sis. Lam (mission pres. & wife)

Funny Experience: The fire alarm in the temple went off at 4:30 on like thursday so we all evacuated. Turned out a water pipe exploded or something, well we went strait back to bed.

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