Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 61.5 Teach Hoon Family & 2 Elder Chous 9/5/2017

Mon- Preparation Day

Tues-Picked up name tags and had district meeting

Wed-We taught hoon family They are super awesome!

Thurs-Office Stuff

Fri-Picked up my license, and visited sister Lee, Staff meeting

Sat-Moved someone's appartment, and visited hoon family again

The office is fun! there is a list of all the things that we did this week.
craziest things is the hoon family are getting ready to get baptized and they are so awesome!!

Elder Lau is getting transferred :( he is going back to mandarin work and I have a new companion who's name is Elder wait for it, Chou!!!! There is going to be a Chou squared! or double Chou power!!! awesomeness haha :) Crazy how many things you find out in the office. We had interviews with president Lam 

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