Friday, July 1, 2016

Week 0.5 MTC Advanced English District 7/1/2016

Companions with Elder Gubbay in the Advanced English District

My preparation day at the MTC is on Fri which is not what I expected :) I have learned so much out here in the last 2 days! My companion is Elder Gubbay, and he is from Dubai. He is going to Montreal speaking French. He is very funny and very spiritual. At the MTC the subject that is most emphasized is exact obedience. At the MTC, I HAVE SEEN SO MANY "This church is true" moments. and I know now without a doubt because of my experiences, that this church is definitely true. 
 Elder Gubbay and I also realized that when the phrase "faith without works is dead," then we realized that works= obedience, because there is also the scripture that says "if you love me keep my commandments."

Our branch presidency is great! Our branch president is Pres. Schow, with Bro. Pearson, and Norton as his councilors. Pres. Schow said to us that if we want the gift of tongues, that we have to have to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. When we were giving a blessing to one of our district members (I can't remember all the sister's names sorry :( ) in the blessing he mentioned that "these blessings will be fulfilled by your faithfulness and our faithfulness," and I thought that was very neat because he mentioned how we as givers of the blessing also have to have faith
I also liked the quote "do not change your behavior, but change your nature" which is what we as missionaries are trying to do and trying to get people to do.
We also learned a lot about our purpose (to help others come closer to Christ in a nutshell).
I have also seen Elder Carol, Lowe, Gobel, Eyering, Buffington, and Allen, to name a few

Also, I was put in a "Advanced English" district (pictures provided) so I have not learned any Cantonese in the classroom.

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