Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 19.5 New Apartment, Personal Revelation, & Insights 11/14/2016

Hey everyone!!!! How is life going for everyone? :) we move apartments this week… 

and [elders in] my apartment had all their birthdays in November so that was fun haha :)

I have been dwelling on the fact of personal revelation. I realized, all the little insights that I get from observation, are the things that God has put into my mind :)
It is through these "small and simple things" that I have gained my testimony. Testimony is not an event it is a process, but even as you are reading this you are not expecting this to be a long event. But it is. In the world we live in today, we don't want anything to be long, we want things that are good to come now! and things that are challenging to go now! but we must look into the details of life to truly be happy and have that happiness last.
Here is a thing that I wish I knew in high school when deciding a major, if it's hard do it. if you do it and have a hard life that is ok. Nothing good in life comes from things that are easy, that is the great lie of Satan is that you don't need to work to get what you want, but you do.

we look for the spirit to be a huge event, but it is a process and it is continual
We must read the Book of Mormon all the way through and earn our way to 3rd nephi (Christ) because it will mean so much more
Thank God for our failures -Ronald Yeun
God has hope for us to change because we are still on this earth, so we have a chance to repent. Time is a blessing of God. If you haven't died it is so you can repent -Bro Fan
You and God write your story together
no effort is wasted, no effort spent on you is wasted, take all time as a learning opportunity
Every moment in this life has been to prepare you for the next so learn from it
everyone has a different capacity and varying levels of everything. The important thing is to use it so you can increase it
Chopsticks one moves more then the other. Don't complain about people that don't move as much, if they weren't there it would be very bad for you work
This gospel is to change our hearts
if the people you teach feel something, then you are doing your job because they are learning
be grateful for challenges because they are consecrated challenges from the lord to help us grow
We pay a high price to serve him but he paid an even higher price to serve him so it is a blessing to pay the price we are paying now
When you have perfect love for someone, you don't expect anything back
We are happy if we fulfill the ends of our creation
you are wondering why you go out to work and see no success, the lord will bless you and do it in his own way that may not come from where you efforts are put but as long as you try it will work
serving people is to help them be happy
the more knowledge you have, the quicker you learn because you have more things in your brain to connect that new idea to
what’s the point of having eternal perfect bodies when we don't have eternal and perfect and lasting happiness with the people we care, that is why we must strive for eternal life
do you try to solve problems so they don't bother you anymore or out of love for that person
if you try every day and experience a change of heart, then you have a greater chance of making it back
Satan's whole goal is to keep us from the atonement
if you compare don't. Maybe god trusts you to have more faith and to not have to have signs to confirm that you are going in the right way. Maybe that is a gift of yours, so dong compare

I want to take a poll of who actually reads this, for future reference, if you do just say hi :) its easy and I put this at the end for a reason haha :) Tell me what from above is your favorite

I challenge you all to right down the little impressions that God gives you as a tender but heavenly gift by doing so, you will see his influence in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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