Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 23.5 Christmas activity 12/12/2016

九龍城 星期二十三 (kowloon city week 23) 我是神的僕人,但是呢個是好難去做祂的事工

Missions are hard haha :)

This week has been less then productive it feels like, we had a Christmas activity, and that took a lot of time that I felt was very unnecessary. The good thing is that it is cooling down these days so that is really good :) I am also alive!!! Ok miracle of the day, people actually talked to us when we went finding at a park, and we bumped into someone we met on the street like a month ago!!! they are super cool I can not remember their names  because as asian as I am, they all still sound the same haha (I think one of them was Edward but I don't know) I also am using a nice computer today so I can actually send pictures in. We also had investigators go to the music activity so that was really good haha :) yea I know this is kinda different I don't really talk about my week so I will get to the usual agenda now :)

We had a zone training this week and it talked about talking with our heart and really really teaching people :) 

I also had a scripture that really touched me this week which is 2 Nephi 29: 6-14 it talks about how the Book of Mormon is super important and how we need it. Read it and tell me what you think! The Book of Mormon is true!! Whatever anyone says it is true, people will write up things to challenge our faith to make us disbelieve in it, because if it is not true, then people have a rationalization to continue in sin. but it is not rationalizable nor is it excusable to willingly commit sin. The Book of Mormon changes lives, if we don't accept it when it is placed in front of us, it is our fault and someone will take that opportunity because they want to. I challenge you all to read it and ponder hat it says and really try to ask God if it is true. By doing so, you will receive an answer. You will feel an answer. In the name of my savior Jesus Christ and this whole world's savior Jesus Christ Amen

There is a difference between being humble and humiliated. you can still be humble and brave, humble and courageous. humility is not thinking less of ourselves it is thinking of ourselves less

Questions of the soul of the week
why is it so hard to give Heavenly Father our will guilt everything after all we have done
(I don't have an answer so thats why I ask :)

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