Sunday, July 16, 2017

week 53.5 Language & Spirituality 7/12/2017

this week has been an interesting one. first what happened second feelings.

Tai wo ward started up like 2 English classes and the stake added another one so we are up to like 6 English classes now. so yay!!! 

we went finding and We had Mrs. Leung even though we forgot to call her last week. 

Sister Lam got after people in interview for their language ability, but luckily I passed! I would not be surprised if she just tells everyone that is under 7 months to not even touch characters haha. 

They set the goal of having 150 more baptisms at the end of the year. we have had 92 so far so that should be interesting, but we will need a lot of miracles 
in Doctrine and Covenants 121 it teaches us that when we satisfy our pride, we loose the priesthood, the power of god on earth. We need that power to be connected to God and to have miracles in our area, our mission and our lives. we need an increase of that power in our mission if we are to hit the mission goal by the end of this year. 

So language, spirituality will be the two things I work on for now!! Good Luck!!!!!

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