Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 55.5 Transfer Call, Moving to Sheung Shui & Fan Ling 7/24/2017

Well I am moving again to Sheung Shui and Fan Ling. with Elder Havell. this 3 week transfer will be weird. I am going to have to grow more.

ok first this week then transfers
First this week was pretty weird. Our schedule was thrown off because of the temple, and the typhoon
I was happy for the changes for the music rule which was nice. 
We did a lot of finding and Elder Beeson and I are doing well. We taught 1 person this week but we did the surveys for English class and there is a family that we found that has interest! :) so I hope that elder Beeson and elder Knight can capitalize on that.

Well transfers was interesting. I am moving again, I always wonder why and if I have fulfilled my purpose.

One phrase I learned from my last mission really sticks out to me. it says "we are one with the Savior in doing the will of the Father." I think about how I don't know exactly what [is] his will is, but I know the outline, to preach repentance and baptize converts.

I guess only God can tell me what his specific will is for me.

time to hit this 5th area!

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