Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 31.5 Farewell dinners for Elder Kim 2/6/2017

First, This week was transfers and I am not moving so that is fun!!!!! glad to not move apartments for my first transfer haha :)

This week has been pretty good although it was harder to meet with people this week, so we met with a lot more members and did a lot finding, but it was successful finding haha :) we went singing finding and it went actually super well haha :) We were able to hand out my third book of mormon on the street since I have been in hong kong
Elder Kim from Korea is leaving soon so we got invited to a lot of his meals and yep, Lots of food!!. We also were called upon to do unplanned musical numbers twice this week haha both at meals with members. it worked well because Elder Love is talented haha :). We also went soccer finding and it was pretty successful (don't worry it was during preparation day haha :) )

The list of people we were invited to meals for this week was as goes ronald, yuan family yoshi and Wu family it was super fun. Its only because Elder Kim though and new years that we got invited so much haha :) one of the nights they invited us at 6 to come at 6:30 haha so it was fun :)

There other very exiting thing is the missionary broadcast was really good! my favorite was from Elder Wolley, our assistant, this week when he said "the things that do matter you can't measure, the things you can't measure do matter." it was really good! I am a great fan of the new preparation day schedule :) I learned that what is most important is the spirit, not what I do. Through Elder Bednar's example I also learned that I can be humble and powerful, humble and bold so that is my new goal!!

Andrew is being super good and he is set for the 19th!! so hope that goes through!!!!
We are most happy when the people we care about most is happy. The trick is to love them because the gospel will affect them nonetheless but if we love them unconditionally, we will get some of that happiness too.

no amount of sorrow can make things right. Only god can do that
      -Emma Smith

All the things you can count don't matter. All the things you can't count matter most

There is opposition in all things so we can feel the whole spectrum and choose where we want to be. Or so that we can be happy

If you feel like no one believes in you, remember that God, the greatest of all beings believes in you and wants you to succeed. He believes you can solve the problems and knows you can if you ask for his help

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