Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 34.5 No Effort is Wasted 2/27/2017

Hello Everyone! So this week we were trying really hard to get Andrew ready for baptism. All the logistics and meeting with him, All that Preach My Gospel says.  have decided to pushed it back. He wasn't too happy but he understood why.

We also taught Yolanda with Miranda, and Miranda  is super awesome! She is a recently returned missionary and loves to help us. Yolanda, however, is not doing as well. She reads and prays and keeps all her commitments so by definition she is "progressing" but she just doesn't really want to know. It is just more information for her to want to know about, not how it can change her life, so we will see what we will do for that situation and how to help her progress.

the biggest miracle was my companion not dying. We were coming out of the apartment complex and we were following behind a car, and Elder Love almost got hit by the gate thing when it swung down. Luckily he did not, and therefore did not die, so that was good :)

We were also able to visit my aunt and she is doing well with her two kids. She is very kind and sweet and loves her family very much!

Today we were going to go to Big Buddha but elder Evans was sick and it was cloudy so we didn't, then found out later it was closed so what a miracle!

This week has been hard! and sometimes people see HK and think "oh no one gets baptized" but I know that every effort that I put in and that all others put in are not wasted, but added to the pool of experience that person has to eventually accept the gospel :)

Love you all!! The gospel changes lives!!


There will be some decisions we will make and some changes we will make that will be hard. Our mind will overpower our natural man and our two natures will be torn against each other, but as we yield less to the natural man, Christ is able to come into our lives and change us.

Be someone God would be proud of
D&C 50:24 that which is of God is light; and he that recieveth light, and continueth in God, recieveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

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