Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 32.5 Three experiences 2/13/2017

This week has been great!!!! Elder Kim leaving was super sad :( but we had fun and he did good :) The best missionary experience this week was we had a ward party with po lam and we had 4 people come because a member brought her friend who brought her friend. It was super great! This week has been full of miracles :) I feel like I am a lot less grateful to the Lord than I could be because I know I don't thank him enough. Lunch in 30 min is still hard but we are still adjusting so it should be fine soon enough :)

But here are the three experiences that stood out to me the most this week.

First is the personal study and I was comparing the sacrament prayers and the differences are very interesting. But the most interesting part was seeing the similarities especially in "always remember him." It says it 4 times in the two prayers and I realized we must remember him with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. We must remember our Savior with our thoughts, our actions and ultimately our core and soul. Only he can help us achieve and accomplish that 

The second was Yolanda. She was asking about judgment and resurrection and we were like "oh ok Alma 40-42" she read it and was like are there anything in the bible which support that we were like yep and we pulled out some scripture and she was like is there a chapter? no there isn't and she is starting to realize that the bible and the book of mormon really does support each other.

The last experience was the having a person at the party who did not really like our church. A lot of people think we are a cult in hk haha :) our conversation went something like this
"you must believe in Christ"
"yep that is all we worship"
and all these different things it was like yes we believe in that. She also "casted a devil out of elder love." To all people who doesn't think we believe in Christ, We do. We believe and live everything in the bible and I know there is a prophet today who knows god's will. I am grateful for a merciful God that doesn't leave us in darkness. I am grateful for a Savior who made it so we could make it back to God, and I am grateful that god calls incompetent, imperfect people like me to go help save people and help them obtain salvation. So I can learn and become more christlike. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Life is full go holes we have to fill. Filling them with a bunch of bad things is like pouring acid in. It will fill it for a little while, but ultimately make the hole bigger and deeper. We must fill those holes with the pure love of christ. The living water. He fixes things in ways that we cannot.

"We all make mistakes. Sometimes we harm ourselves and seriously injured others in ways we alone cannot repair. we break things we cannot fix. Then we feel guilt, humiliation, and suffering, which we alone cannot cure. The healing power of the atonement can remedy what we cannot repair.
                      -Elder packer

The more we live life, the more we look back and wish we would have changed ourselves.

The lord, the greatest of all beings, provides happiness for us! It is the gospel of Jesus Christ
                      -2 Nephi 9:43​

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