Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 57.5 Smallest Apartment in the Mission & Teaching Joe 8/8/2017

So this week has been good, we are in sheung shui/ fanleng and it is just a blast in the smallest apartment in the mission. Living with the mandarin elders are a joy! Elder Smith and Elder Ashton are such a joy and I can improve my mandarin because I have lost a lot of it since I have been learning cantonese. We went finding and let me tell you short places in hong kong do exist haha :)

We have met with a Joe this week and he is our best investigator right now but the thing that concerns me is that he is progressing so fast. He just kinda says yes to everything and we are not quite sure why he wants to be baptized and all those things. He gives us the answers we want and not necessarily the answers that are in his heart, so that is our concern

But it has been fun! we have been filling up our days with things that are the will of the Lord.

I also hit 400 days on a mission haha :) so that was weird

when we have defined ourselves by what we do, there is a tendency to be prideful because we find our value by what we do, but god does not define us by that. there is never happiness in pride but there is always happiness in the love of God

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