Tuesday, August 22, 2017

week 59.5 Online Office Referral Elder - Seeing Many Miracles 8/22/2017

Miracles: sometimes it is easy to feel like there are no miracles, but as an office elder and as referral manager I get to see many many miracles. I get to see many people from mainland get baptized and people who are actually interested in the gospel contact us. (thats a big one) I can see that God is preparing his children which I always believed but have never seen. It is the coolest experience I have ever had, just being able to facilitate to all the missionaries so that they can have an easier time helping people come unto Christ. I don’t teach that many people now, we have one family which is huge in Hong Kong, but I know that I am "you shall be the means of doing much good in this generation"(D&C 6:8) because I desired it. It was not what I was expecting, but I definitely know that God has a plan for me.

You do much more good than you think. especially for my missionary friends, there will be times (and I am still learning) that you will be depressed, and discouraged. The test is to see if you can pass through that trial of faith to receive that witness (Ether 12:6)

Living in the temple is absolutely fantastic and there is 24/7 AC which in Hong Kong is very good, I love it. and our apartment is one of the biggest. It is the old mission office

Mon: we went and met the Au family. They are super awesome! and we got to meet the Hoon family which is our investigator at the moment. They are super good.

Tues: We had district meeting, and We picked up new missionaries. It was weird to be back in the airport, but it was weirder to talk to elder Hansen, and Cornielles (sorry I can’t spell) about it because they went back on Friday

Wed: helped with new missionary orientation and taught Hoon family

Thurs: Transfers :( traveled to the island because some people forgot their passport to Macau

Fri: woke up early to help with departing missionaries and was elder Mcgraths companion for 30 min! (he is my trainer) while elder Lau went to the airport to help out. First day since Tuesday I got to do personal study

Sat: Felt like a missionary and elder Lau did numbers yeah

Sun: Went to Church, and got a full block of studies in!! (first time this week)

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