Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 35.5 Andrew's Baptism! 3/6/2017

Sorry this will be a short one because we got back late, but Andrew did get baptized. He did show up [late] at 10 which scared us so bad. It was great!!!
It was God that helped us and let us have that miracle. (nothing is ever ours, as much as we would like it to be)
picture: Elders Chou and Love at Andrew's baptism (far right)

Andrew [was] found at English class, so that was how the other elders found him. I didn’t really feel that [we did] that much. It was after he was baptized that I felt the Spirit when the bishop bore his testimony and we performed... Po Lam and TKO wards have not had a baptism for 22 months and that last person wasn’t ever confirmed. We are working with her, but we can see that the ward is warming up to us, so that is good. It is more than I could ask for.

We also went knocking doors this week which is my first time doing that in Hong Kong. That was on exchanges with Elder Petersen. This week has been good, and hard :)

I know God gives me miracles but also knows how to grow my faith. That is what I have really learned this week, especially with Andrew getting baptized, is that it really, really is God that gives us the success. Till next week.

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