Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 38.5 Goodbye TKO. Moved to Hung Shui Kiu in the New Territories 3/27/2017

Elder Chou's last week with Elder Love in TKO Ward.

Elder Love and I also went singing finding for the last time but this computer is being stupid and doesn’t let me send pictures today :(
[see last week's pictures below]

Said goodbye to TKO and moved to Hung Shui Kiu (洪水橋), in the New Territories.

well the move was relatively smooth. 新界 (New Territories) is super different from anything else that I have been in HK. It is actually a lot like California. The chapel is also super big, but it is the stake center.
This will be short because nothing really happened. just getting use to the new territories :) and I think I like it better then the busy side of HK.

Yea this week was great!! Elder Chin is my companion (sorry no pictures today :( ) but he is such a nice person!! He loves pokemon so I have kind of been getting into the card game. It is actually really interesting and really fun :) and it is a good game to understand if I do become a game designer (not sure yet) but yea it is super fun living with him elder wilcoxsen and elder alread. I am also in the apartment my trainer Elder McGrath started in. The chapel is super nice and 新界 is super different. It is almost like California actually

if you are not good enough without it, you will never be good enough with it

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