Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week 50.5 Finding in the Rain 6/23/2017

So these last few days have been really good with Elder Beeson! I am learning a lot. It is really good that he wants to work hard.

Most exciting thing we did this week. WE WENT FINDING IN THE RAIN!!!! if you want to know something about HK people and rain is THEY ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. so usually lessons cancel when it is raining. We planned for it in the day and was hoping it would stop raining. It did not. We were nonetheless disappointed but we thought "well God helped us plan today, so lets go out" we did and we talked to a lot of people and there was this lady we me and she has English class interest for her kids! the conversation went like this
sat the 17th of June time 2:35
"hey how are you?"
"hi" she walks past
"actually can we give you a flyer?"
she stops "yea sure"
"so are you going home right now?"
"no we (she and 2 kids) are actually going to a piano lesson"
"oh ok, we don't want to take too much of your time but we just wanted to invite you to our FREE kids english class."
"oh when is it"
"oh it is today"
"oh sorry that doesn't work because we have piano lessons"
"actually it is already done. it starts at 12:30"
"that actually works!"
"could we exchange phone numbers and we can call you back on friday to remind you?"
"yea sure"
missionary frantically tries to juggle pulling out his planner and pencil while holding an umbrella and flyers. mission companion steps in and helps hold his umbrella for companionship unity purposes.

It was such a big miracle for me, knowing that there are people who are actually nice haha :) and have genuine interest. my shoes were soaked after that finding though haha :)

Sunday was also very good! we got to meet a lot of members and they are all either bro/sis leung or lau, with a few that is not haha :)

So until next week! God be with you!

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