Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 49.5 Transfer: Senior Companion in Tai Wo 6/12/2017

Ok I could tell you about this week but my thoughts are a lot more centered on what is happening on Thursday. I am being transferred to Tolo Harbor, Tai Wo ward. I will be with Elder Beeson. I have never really met him :| but it should be fun!

I do have to say [that] part of the streak was broken but some of it was still not. We had a really good ward council, we started to have pretty good relationships with the ward, and I have been here for 2 transfers. I heard that people stay in tai wo for a long time so that may beat my streak, but also people stay in tko for a long time and hsk so... I don't know haha :) . I know that my task in hsk is almost done for the time being,

I think it is interesting. last time I got transferred I said that it feels like whenever I leave, afterwards there is a lot more success. I have been thinking about that a lot, and I thought about how last night, I prayed that the lord would help hsk. not for my sake but because I thought Elder Chin deserves it. I realized that the Lord has been answering my prayers all along. when I really say something heartfelt and when I really mean it, it happens. It was just a great thing for me to notice. from little things to big things. sometimes I complain and I feel like god sometimes says to me "well is this not what you wanted?"

I am so happy that I could notice that, and that he does answer my prayers.

This week we started to really ask referrals from everyone and we have this bring your friend to church thing and all these things. It was great. It was hard, but nonetheless, it was great.

we also were invited by yoshi from ma on shan to lunch las preparation day. It was really good.

"faith is a catalyst" meaning that it needs to have something before it can do its job, and that something is the works and actions we do.

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