Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week 51.5 My Year Mark - the Book of Mormon will change your life! 6/25/2017

so this week will be short we basically did a lot of finding and had one really really big miracle, but first off we had zone conference and that came with a commitment.

The commitment was to read the Book of Mormon in 3 months and highlight everything that mentions Christ. I have been reading the Book of Mormon like that and I have learned a lot! I have realized that when Laman and Lemuel are complaining, it talks nothing about Christ, but Nephi when correcting them mentions Christ a lot. I just thought that was interesting. I thought about how when I am complaining I am not following my covenant of "remembering him always" and I know that when we are not connected to Christ we don't see the good of the things that are in our lives.

I think about how we as missionaries always say "the Book of Mormon will change your life", but I am starting to actually find a very deep testimony of that truth. Thank you President Lam for that commitment! 

also if you read last email the lady that we found in the rain last time came to English class! it was a really big miracle that we happily accepted from the Lord. She came with her 2 kids and her husband! it was really cool that we had that miracle that even if it is in the rain people are willing to stop and listen.

I am also at my year mark this week so that is kinda weird. I still feel super young haha :)


your testimony is a process with many landmarks in it. a process is a lot easier to remember because it is a lot longer than 1 single event. That is how we stay in the gospel. it is not having an angle appear to us but it is doing the little things that will help us be able to get that testimony

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